Thomas Klausen / CEO of the Danish industry association Dansk Fashion & Textile

Having served on the Board of Directors as Co-Chairman for more than 4 years Thomas Klausen was appointed as the CEO of the Danish industry association Dansk Fashion & Textile in 2012.

Dansk Fashion & Textile represents approximately 400 companies with more than 600 brands in Denmark and has done this with pride since 1895. The textile and fashion industry in Denmark has a combined turnover of approximately 7 billion Euros. 60 % of this comes from export, making it one of the most important export sectors in Denmark.

Previously to this Thomas Klausen was President of the Tytex Group – a world leading manufacturer of medical fixation and compression textiles with manufacturing facilities in Asia, North America and Europe and a global sales reach.

Thomas Klausen has had the pleasure of living in many different countries and setting up production and sales offices in a number of regions around the world, always within the fashion and textile industry.

Thomas Klausen has an E-MBA from Henley and 26 years of experience in the industry. This combined with his current position gives him a substantial insight and knowledge of the industry, its development and the future challenges of the industry.