Srinivas Reddy / Country Director of ILO Bangladesh

Mr Srinivas B Reddy has been Country Director of ILO Bangladesh since May 2013. With a PhD in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, he has spent his 29 years of career specialising in labour administration, skills development and development cooperation, with a particular focus on aid for trade. Mr Reddy is a strong proponent of inclusive economic growth and decent work for all. He is passionate about job creation, social justice, tripartism and eliminating all forms of discrimination. Taking up his Country Director post, a week after the Rana Plaza collapse, Mr Reddy has been closely involved in shaping and delivering ILO’s response to the disaster. This has seen ILO, in collaboration with Government of Bangladesh, employers and workers organisations and through the support of international partners, play a significant role in enhancing RMG factory safety, building the capacity of regulatory authorities, providing compensation and support to Rana Plaza survivors, promoting labour rights as well as launching a Better Work Bangladesh programme.